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2018 Quilt Festival in Korea

Quilt Festival in Korea, aka QFIK as the biggest quilt-oriented festival in Korea will celebrate its 9th year in 2018. Since its start, QFIK has been focusing on the furthering of development and popularization of quilt culture and activities and providing chances for promoting to various quilt studios, communities and quilt-related business in and out of Korea.

Summary Information about QFIK 2018

  • WHEN June 10th (Sunday) to 12th (Tuesday), 2018 (from 10 am until 6 pm / closed 5pm on 12th)
  • WHERE The Second Exhibition Room(3F) at aT Center in Yangjae-Dong, Seoul (for more information, please click here)
  • HOW MUCH KRW 5,000
  • WHO hosted by Corea Quilt Associate / organized by Quilt Festival in Korea Organization Committee

Quilt Exhibition Galleries of this year

  • 10th Annual Exhibition by CQA
  • QFIK 2018 Contest Exhibition (subject ‘number 9’)
  • Featured Quilters’ Solo Exhibition ; Yeong-Ae PARK (Korea) / Hongjoo KIM (Korea) / Barbara LANGE (Germany) / Nozawa Noriko(Japan)
  • 14th Annual Exhibition by Corea Art Quilt Community
  • Exhibition of Korean Traditional Craft into Quilt, alongside with the collection of “Museum of World Scissors”
  • Special Exhibition : “My Atelier”
  • Special Exhibition : Bed Quilts
  • Special Exhibition : Traditional Quilts by the Quilt Community “Nine Patch”
  • Special Exhibition : Quilt Bag Exhibition “Reveal or Conceal”
  • Traveling Exhibition : Round Robin Project “Flowers” from Russia, Japan, & Korea
  • Traveling Exhibition : Quilts from Taiwan
  • Traveling Exhibition : Quilts from Japan
  • Traveling Exhibition : Hawaiian Quilt “Minoaka”
  • & Charity Auction on 2 pm, 11th (sponsoring the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer)

Schedules for Workshops will be updated. Please let our facebook page alert you with the latest news.

* Corea Quilt Associate, aka CQA which has been organizing QFIK, was established by Korean quilt artists in 2008 in order to provide guidance and directions for the Korean quilt industry and future generation of quilters. In realizing this vision, CQA is putting its constant efforts to develop systemic educational programs and innovative and useful templates for quilting and quilts and to extend the societal base for such quilting activities.